At Zijerveld, we feel responsible for making our society sustainable. That is why we choose to do business in a socially responsible way. As a subsidiary of FrieslandCampina, we abide by FrieslandCampina’s sustainability policy.


Zijerveld aims to save 2% energy every year*. We abide by the long-term energy-efficiency agreements of the dairy industry. In order to achieve the objectives in those agreements, Zijerveld has drawn up an Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP) for the period 2017 – 2020. This plan includes specific energy-saving measures.

Zijerveld has its own fleet. We limit their impact on the environment by continuously urging our drivers to drive safely and responsibly. The optimal planning of our transport and well maintained, energy-efficient vehicles are important to us.

*In the case of equal quantities of products sold.

Social responsibility

As a dedicated employer, Zijerveld is committed to local initiatives in Bodegraven in the field of social sustainability. Among other things, this is expressed in our sponsoring of local sports clubs and events, our active contribution to and membership of the Dutch Traffic Safety Association (Veilig Verkeer Nederland) and our cooperation with preferably local or regional companies.


At Zijerveld, we believe it is important to take responsibility in the chain. That is why we stimulate grazing and why we prepare our cheeses only with milk from Dutch dairy cattle. We collect the meadow milk from North Holland farmers who feel very strongly about caring for their animals and the natural surroundings. The Meadow Milk logo guarantees that the milk used to manufacture our cheese comes from meadow-grazed cows. This means they have plenty of space to move around and graze.


Quality is the key

Quality is the key

to success


Safe working practices

Safe working practices

are a must

Safety for visitors, contractors and suppliers

Discover how you can

Discover how you can

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