Zijerveld wins 11 prizes at the world's largest cheese competition

During the two-yearly World Champion Cheese Contest in Wisconsin in the US (the biggest cheese contest in the world), Zijerveld won 11 prizes! From 3 to 5 March 2020, a team of 62 internationally renowned jury members judged many thousands of entries from all over the world. Winning a prize here means professional recognition of quality and taste. Winning a stunning 11 prizes is the international icing on the cake for the work of Zijerveld employees and our chain partners!

The prizes fell into the following categories:


Prize Cheese Categorie
GOLD + 3e overall Noord-Hollandse Gouda Gouda matured
GOLD De Rotterdamsche Oude 55 weken Gouda extra matured
GOLD BoerenBonte Chimichurri Hard cheese flavored
GOLD Caprimera Peper Semi soft goat flavored
SILVER Noord-Hollandse Gouda Gouda young
SILVER Skylger Pikant Semi sort open class
SILVER Lutjewinkel 1916 35+  NEW! Introduction week 17 Reduced fat hard cheese
SILVER Caprimera Rozemarijn-tijm Semi soft goat flavored
BRONZE Caprimera Liquria Semi soft goat flavored
BRONZE De Rotterdamsche Oude 36 weken Gouda matured
BRONZE Noord-Hollandse Gouda 35+ Reduced fat hard cheese