Focus groups for the Dutch market

Zijerveld has a huge range of cheeses. That is why we express our expertise in cheese and related products in focus groups. The focus groups are made up of four different segments. That way, we maintain our focus in every segment.

Variation cheese

Dutch cheese specialities

Special Dutch cheeses deserve special attention. We give herb cheeses, clove cheese and goat's cheeses the chance to excel as part of the Pittoresque brand (Dutch market) and the Countryside export brand. All these cheeses are combined in the “Cheese from Here” concept. “Cheese from Here” tells the stories behind the cheeses and introduces you to the cheesemakers. To find out more, visit

Organic cheese

More and more consumers are consciously opting for organic cheese. Not just because of the refined flavour of organic cheese, but also because the production process take the environment and animal welfare into consideration. Zijerveld supplies 100% organic cheese with its BioReijck brand. BioReijck cheese makes organic cheese accessible to a large audience. Delicious, pure and natural.

National Brands

Own brands

Zijerveld supplies brands that have added value. We sell our own brands, such as Rotterdamsche Oude and Danish Chef, through the Classic Retail & Out of Home & Modern Retail & Online market units.

Brands from dedicated suppliers

We manage the exclusive distribution of products from dedicated suppliers such as Bio+ and Cheestrings. We also provide a logistical platform for holders of A-brands.

Dairy products

Herb butter

Our herb butter range from our own production has an important characteristic: versatility. The possibilities for flavor additions are very extensive and we offer our products in cup, tub or roll.

Dairy products

Zijerveld supplies several dairy products, varying from luxury desserts to yoghurt.

Culinary sector

Quality and innovation are key in the Culinary focus group. Our culinary assortment includes a basic tapas range, which consists of olives and tapenades.

Other culinary products

A broad basic range of tapas – with various culinary butters and cheese creations – are the basis for our culinary range. Quality and innovation are the core values of this focus group.

Culinary dairy products

Besides luxury dairy products, this focus group includes basic items that can be used to create luxury recipes in the Out of Home sector.

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